Complete G, d, C, Eb suites and most of the D available on Soundcloud page, link below. All recordings made in ANNH at MSU. Operating as my own sound engineer and editor, I simply ran out of time during the sabbatical semester. Since becoming Chair of the Division of Music at MSU in Fall 2016, it has been more difficult to find time for cello and recording, though sharing live music with others is still my favorite thing. You would think that COVID would provide exactly that kind of time, but so far it hasn’t. Cello is still a wonderful oasis when I can find the time.

Nov 30, ’18: Cadenzas from the Haydn C I did in 2014 with the Minot Symphony. Originals, with all sorts of musical quotes and references from that evening’s symphony program, the season, even some Avenged Sevenfold and Sexy Sax Man (careless Whisper) at the request of my sons!



Luminus Schubert trio