Pics from a musical life

Messiah 2018
recording with Wild Hands!
Max Patzner everyone (the smiley one) at our Wild Hands recording session.
Entrance to the court at Cöthen, where Bach lived and worked for Prince Leopold, 1717-1723.
Standing at the entrance to Bach’s court at Cöthen, likely where he penned the unaccompanied suites for cello
I have my head tilted the wrong way…and no manuscript either. Also, the resemblance isn’t really close, though we can’t see his footwear in the painting.
R.I.P.     J.S.B.
One of my favorite moments of the trip: going rogue and playing several movements from the suites in St. Thomas.
Efraín Amaya and I dressed up in style!
One of my favorite pics from Hanani’s studio at CCM. Pablo Casals teaching Yehuda with passion and intensity!!
Jazz at the Andersons. Judging by the number of people left, this must have been after 2am. Good times!
Family jazz quartet: Erik, Dianna, Miles, and Erik M.   Miss these boys.
Conducting the all-city orchestra festival in Rapid City. 800 kids in three orchestras.
Too. Much. Fun!
Rapid City all city string festival rehearsal.